About The Inventor

Grant G. Coleman, DMD, MS

Grant G. Coleman, DMD, MS

Home town: Elba, Alabama
College: The University of Alabama
Dental School: The University of Alabama School of Dentistry
Orthodontic Residency: Virginia Commonwealth University
Private Practice: Charlotte, North Carolina

As orthodontists, efficiency is critical to our success. When treatment is efficient, our patients are happier, and our profitability increases.(1)

One of the most common inefficiencies we deal with in practice is impacted canines, and unfortunately we still use fairly archaic methods to deal with this issue. Current research shows that treatment involving impacted maxillary canines can sometimes take upwards of 40-50 months.(2)

We know that teeth move the most efficiently when we use light, constant forces to move them—so why are we still using gold chains to put heavy, inconsistent forces on impacted canines to bring them into the arch? This old method requires multiple extra appointments for frequent reactivation, causes increased discomfort to our patients, and hurts our bottom line.

That’s why I invented the Isoglide eruption spring—the most efficient, comfortable way to bring impacted teeth into the arch. Using Isoglide’s patented design, impacted teeth can be erupted in as little as 1-2 months, usually without any need for appliance reactivation. This is multiple times faster than older methods, saving our patients many uncomfortable reactivation appointments, and increasing our profitability per visit.

Make the switch to Isoglide today for bringing in impacted teeth—both you and your patients will be glad you did!

Grant G. Coleman, DMD, MS
Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics
Inventor of the Isoglide eruption spring

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The Isoglide eruption spring can help bring impacted teeth into the arch three to five times faster than the conventional gold chain method, usually without the need for any reactivation.