the ISOGLIDE eruption spring


It’s all we really have, isn’t it? It’s important.
So why are we still wasting it using outdated methods for bringing in impacted teeth?


Gold chains are for Mr. T, pocket watches, and grandma’s spectacles.
Not for taking care of our patients. Not for respecting their time.
And ours.

“I have been using Isoglide since 2019 and the results are simply remarkable! My surgeon purchases the Isoglide spring and clamps it to the archwire during the surgery. Oftentimes, the impacted tooth erupts into the mouth by the first orthodontic recall visit within a few weeks. Why would I ever go back to elastic thread with bi-weekly activations?”

Dr. Neal D. Kravitz

“Isoglide has been a game-changer for exposures. I love the efficiency and ease of use! I’m so happy to have tried it and integrated it into my practice.”
Dr. Diana Almy, Fredericksburg, VA

“Isoglide has been a game-changer for me and my practice. I no longer worry about how many appointments and activations an impacted tooth will take to erupt. With Isoglide it is “set it and forget it.” The impacted teeth erupt faster than I have ever seen before, and I don’t have to keep putting my patients through the discomfort of activating gold chain. I would recommend the Isoglide appliance without hesitation!”

Dr. Samie Thabet, Germantown, MD

“I’m always searching for ways to make the patient experience better, and Isoglide does that for impacted teeth. Instead of frequent visits to reactivate elastomeric string to pull on a gold chain, you can see patients at regular appointment intervals. Fewer appointments is a win for the patient and for you, the Orthodontist!”
Dr. Matt Joosse, Williamsburg, VA

“I’m thrilled with the efficiency of Isoglide over the gold chains I used to use.  I love that I don’t have to continually retie anything–I just let the spring work, and the tooth erupts.  And it happens in a matter of weeks, not 6+ months like with gold chain.  It’s completely changed the way I handle impacted teeth.”

Dr. Turner Hull, Charlotte, NC

“Isoglide has saved so much time erupting impacted teeth.  In some cases the teeth have come in in 2-4 weeks.  I had a case where I had been activating the tooth for 6 months, and when I switched to Isoglide it came in within 2 weeks!  It’s definitely worth it to save the number of appointments and treatment time!”

Dr. Shannon Lewis, Edmond, OK

“I am thrilled with Isoglide!  I am seeing impacted teeth erupting into the arch in significantly less time, and patients’ time in my chair is drastically reduced.  It has been wonderful to see these results!”

Dr. Meredith Parks, Yorktown, VA

“I’ve been using gold chains to bring in impacted canines for the past 15 years, but I recently started using Isoglide instead with my favorite oral surgeon.  I love not having to reactivate anything because the NiTi spring stays active throughout the movement of the tooth.  My patients find it very comfortable—when a closed exposure is done it doesn’t irritate their gingiva like a gold chain.”

Dr. Russ Mullen, Leesburg, VA

“Love it!  Customer service has been fantastic—I received my Isoglide springs promptly.  Dr. Coleman is awesome, and I appreciate his contribution to the profession.  Highly recommend!”

Dr. Danny Noll, Florence, KY

As seen in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics.

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Move Forward.

It’s time to join the 21st century when dealing with impacted teeth.